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Possible to nestle functions in a single line?

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guess i shouldn't be trying to write obj-c and autoit at the same time but its rather frusterating that when i try to combine functions on a single line they bomb out though if i did it on seperate lines its fine is my syntax just wrong or is that not an autoit functionality?


; bombs out with error:
    ; ==> Incorrect number of parameters in function call.:
    $header = StringStripCR(StringStripWS($oElement.innerText))

    ; Works... but is irritating >_<
    $rawData = StringStripWS($oElement.innerText)
    $header = StringStripCR($rawData)

is it just not possible to combine those into a single line?

EDIT: nevermind i forgot the flag on stringStripWS lol WTB a topic delete button

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