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GUICtrlCreateEdit() Scrollbox

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Right now, I'm using this:

$log = GUICtrlCreateEdit($text, 16, 10, 240, 150, 0x00200800)

How would I make it so that my edit box stays scrolled down as much as possible? It logs user actions/etc, and displays it in this text field, with the most recent actions at the bottom. How would I go about making it so that the edit box scrolls down to the bottom automatically, or at least when new actions are submitted?

Global $arr[2]

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Use this:

#include <GuiEdit.au3>
$hEdit = GUICtrlGetHandle($yourControlID)
_GUICtrlEdit_LineScroll($hEdit, 0, _GUICtrlEdit_GetLineCount($hEdit))
Right after you add something..

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