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Registry String Question

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I think the functions have the same structure.

So you can use

#Region PhoneMail Abfrage
$PM_Protocol = 1
While 1
   $key = RegEnumKey("HKLM\SOFTWARE\PP-COM\MRS\IsdnApl\Protocols",$PM_Protocol)
   If @error Then ExitLoop
   $str = RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\PP-COM\MRS\IsdnApl\Protocols\" & $key,"Name")
   $PM_Protocol = $PM_Protocol + 1 
   If $str = ("PhoneMail") Then
       $PM_Protocol = Regread("HKLM\SOFTWARE\PP-COM\MRS\IsdnApl\Protocols\" & $key, "ParamBlock")
Msgbox(0, "", _getValue_PM( "da"))
Msgbox(0, "", _getValue_PM( "ga"))
Msgbox(0, "", _getValue_PM( "ca"))
Msgbox(0, "", _getValue_PM( "fa"))
Msgbox(0, "", _getValue_PM( "ta"))
Msgbox(0, "", _getValue_PM( "ua"))
#EndRegion PhoneMail Abfrage

#Region PhoneMail Einstellungen
Func _getValue_PM($Label_PM)

    $sOut1 = StringTrimLeft($PM_Protocol, StringInStr($PM_Protocol, $Label_PM & "="))
    $sOut2 = StringMid($sOut1, StringInStr($sOut1, "=") + 1, (StringInStr($sOut1, " ") - StringInStr($sOut1, "=")))
    Return $sOut2

See $sOut1 and $sOut2!

Maybe this helps.

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