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Autoit_RegExp to PHP_Regexp

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As you Know, there is a lot of source using powerfull PHP RegExp

( for exemple http://www.regexlib.com but when you try to convert it to Autoit RegExp

it become very difficult because you have to learn and understand the bouth language ( PHP and Autoit) to make this conversion properly.

so for those who know these 2 languages, is there a way to make a function conversion: somme thing like PHP2AutoIt_RegExp($Php_Regexp) ?

thinks a lot

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Either everyone doesn't know PHP or some people think you need to do it yourself (i may be wrong) I might try but i'm not going to sit and change them for you

It looks like the php regex works the same as the autoit one...

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The RegExp patterns I chose were mostly the ones from Perl, but I can look at the PHP version; see if I can incorporate anything.

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