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Finding the Position of certain text within a ControlID

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I'm fairly new to AutoIT and coding in general so I apologize if this is a really stupid question. The script I am trying to write should open up a treasure list within a game to scroll down it and check for a certain item. So far I've only managed to get the script to get to and activate the item list, so for example purposes say the list is:




And for this example say I am attempting to only pick up the boots before exiting the list, I'm guessing you'd use the ControlGetText function to actually check to make sure Boots are on the window's list? Then from there how would you be able to get the script to find the X,Y cords of the text "Boots" within the window to right click them and pick them up?

If anyone would be able to explain this to me I'd be very grateful, I've tried looking through the help file and few tutorials and am still completely stumped.

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