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MineSweeper cheat :P

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i was going through my registry, deleting crap that doesnt get used, like old programs and stuff... and i came accross winmine.. and heres a little script i wrote so u can show off to all your friends! :(

$warning = MsgBox(16+4, "WARNING!", "WARNING! Please turn off MineSweeper if you have it running! This prorgram writes to the registry in order to change the values of the names and scores! CONTINUE?")
If $warning = 7 then 
$name = InputBox("MineSweeper Cheat", "Enter your name for the highscore")
If @error then Exit
$time = InputBox("MineSweeper Cheat", "Enter the time you want for your record")
if @error then Exit
ProgressOn("MineSweeper Cheat Progress", "Progress:")
RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\winmine\", "Name1", "REG_SZ", $name)
RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\winmine\", "Time1", "REG_DWORD", $time)
MsgBox(0, "Complete!", "MineSweeper will now be run. When it comes up, go to 'Game>Best Times...' and you'll find your name there!")
Run("winmine.exe", "C:\WINDOWS\System32")

enjoy! :D:):D:(:huh:


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lol, lame :D


hehe, just got reallllly bored, needed something to do :)


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Lots of the time when i'm bored i will write bots for flash games. I guess you did a good job figuring out how to do this.

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