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Ideas? am i dreaming?

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Hello All,

I do QA testing on computers that are not Logging into a network. They are on a segregated VLAN that only has access to a server using a MS-DOS Network boot CD which I use to reimage the test PC's with Ghost files stored on this server. In Windows I am only able to connect to the server by manually typing in the network address of the shares on the server. Also each PC has its own reserved IP address.

I would like to put together a script that can do the following.

1. Determine if the computer is on. I am guessing ping could do this.

2. Determine what OS is currently on the image. The Volume label of C: has this info.

3. Push files to this computer for testing purposes

4. Disable the OS on the system and reboot it so it will automatically boot from the Network boot CD.

5. Read the registry to be able to determine Office/IE/etc versions.

6. Not install anything on the test computers because I have a very strict testing environment.

If the PC's were actually logging into my server, life would be easy since Ghost Enterprise has alot of built in tools to do most of this. but without the Administrative access rights over the network I don't think I will be able to do this... :)

If anyone has ideas I would greatly appreciate them.


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If you are QAing you should be given the necessary access to do so...

1. pinging will do the trick.

2. get "pstools" from www.sysinternals.com.

3. filecopy, assuming you have access to shares on the target PC

4. Ghost command line options let you change the status of a partition to inactive. Run with psexec (part of pstools)...

5. search the helpfile for regread

6. If you are QAing you should be given the necessary access to do so...

Autoit on its own cannot do what you want to achieve, but it can help


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