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IE Check Checkbox Problem

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Hi fellow Autoiters,

I'm using the IE UDF to help me extract some data from a webpage.

Before i can access this data however, i need to check a couple of checkboxes.

Becouse the HTML code is really weird, i can't figure out how to do this.

A copy of the webpage that im trying to gather the data from is:


(Note: this is not the real site, i cant show you that one, since its password protected. The HTML however is the same.)

The HTML of de checkboxes i need to be checked is:

<div id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c0" class="ComboBoxItem_WindowsXP">

<input id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c0_CheckBox" name="c$tb$ctl11$ctl00$ddl$c0$CheckBox" checked="checked" onclick="stopPropagation(event);" type="checkbox"><span class="cbbItem">Rap1 Rapport 1</span>

</div><div id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c1" class="ComboBoxItem_WindowsXP">

<input id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c1_CheckBox" name="c$tb$ctl11$ctl00$ddl$c1$CheckBox" onclick="stopPropagation(event);" type="checkbox"><span class="cbbItem">Rap2 Rapport 2</span>

</div><div id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c2" class="ComboBoxItem_WindowsXP">

<input id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c2_CheckBox" name="c$tb$ctl11$ctl00$ddl$c2$CheckBox" onclick="stopPropagation(event);" type="checkbox"><span class="cbbItem">Rap3 Rapport 3</span>

</div><div id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c3" class="ComboBoxItem_WindowsXP">

<input id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c3_CheckBox" name="c$tb$ctl11$ctl00$ddl$c3$CheckBox" onclick="stopPropagation(event);" type="checkbox"><span class="cbbItem">Rap4 Rapport 4</span>

</div><div id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c4" class="ComboBoxItem_WindowsXP">

<input id="c_tb_ctl11_ctl00_ddl_c4_CheckBox" name="c$tb$ctl11$ctl00$ddl$c4$CheckBox" checked="checked" onclick="stopPropagation(event);" type="checkbox"><span class="cbbItem">ED4 Examendossier lj.4</span>


(line 190 till 198)

Could you guys please help me?

I'd really appriciate it! :);)

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So, what did you try? How far did you get? Did you get a reference to the element? Check the box? Do you need to fire the onclick event?


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