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AutoIt script for VM

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hi all,

I have once problem facing. Well i have VM ware installed on my pc. and i want to write a script which will do 2 tasks for me.

1) will revert my existing image to Clean Image

2) Will copy "X" folder from my base machine to the newly started VM machine (from above step)

I have pasted the screen shot here please help me out guys or i will be in a big mess.

I have created below script now i am stuck in how to open the Clean image?





Run('C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmware.exe')

WinWaitActive("Vista Ultimate - VMware Workstation")

winwait("Vista Ultimate - VMware Workstation", "", 5)

Send ("[,^m]")

ControlClick("Vista Ultimate - Snapshot Manager", "Clean Image", 1306, "Left", 1)

ControlClick("Vista Ultimate - Snapshot Manager", "Clean Image", 1306, "Left", 1)


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