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Help with my Downloader bot

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Aye guys, I'm working on a downloader bot for a website. Everythings good, it uses the proxy in the edit box and clicks 'download the file' on the webpage, but when the popup box that says 'File Download - Security Warning' and says like 'save, run, close', how would I get it to save? I've tried sending.. like !s, for the hotkey set to save as default, but it doesn't work. I tried Send("{Tab}") until the focus box was over the save button, the sent enter, still didn't work. So if anyone knows how I would basicly click save, ( not with the mouse functions ), please help me.

By the way, WinWaitActive('File Download - Security Warning") Doesn't seem to work. Thanks guys..

Area of Coding.. that needs the help. Been messing with it.

$oForm = _IEFormGetCollection($oIE,1)
    $oButton = _IEFormElementGetCollection($oForm,0)
        FileDelete("C:\Documents and Settings\Dell Customer\My Documents\File.exe")


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