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C++ to AutoIt

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Hey, can anyone help me with translate something from C++ to AutoIt ?

void MakeLoginPacket(char* LoginPacket, unsigned long newXTeaKey[4], unsigned int ClientVersion, unsigned int ClientOS, string accname, string accchar, string accpassword, char connectionRequest[5])
    char PacketBuffer[MAXBUFFER];
    int accnameLen, acccharLen, accpasswordLen, tempChecksum;
    TibiaCrypt crypt;
    PacketBuffer[0] = 0x89;     //packet size
    PacketBuffer[1] = 0x00;

    PacketBuffer[2] = 0x0A;     //game server type

    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[3], &ClientOS, 2);     //OS, 1 = linux, 2 = windows

    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[5], &ClientVersion, 2);   //client version

    PacketBuffer[7] = 0x00;     //white byte, here starts the RSA encryption

    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[8],&newXTeaKey[0],4);    //and add it to the buffer

    PacketBuffer[24] = 0x00;    //player = 0, 1 = GM

    accnameLen = accname.length();      //account name
    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[25], &accnameLen, 2);
    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[27], accname.c_str(), accnameLen);

    acccharLen = accchar.length();      //chracter name
    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[27+accnameLen], &acccharLen, 2);
    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[29+accnameLen], accchar.c_str(), acccharLen);

    accpasswordLen = accpassword.length();      //account password
    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[29+accnameLen+acccharLen], &accpasswordLen, 2);
    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[31+accnameLen+acccharLen], accpassword.c_str(), accpasswordLen);

    //fill the packet request info
    memcpy(&PacketBuffer[31+accnameLen+acccharLen+accpasswordLen], &connectionRequest[0], 5);

    crypt.RSAEncrypt(&PacketBuffer[7], 128);        //crypt the packet with the RSA key

    memcpy(&LoginPacket[0],&PacketBuffer[0],2);     //add the checksum
    tempChecksum = crypt.adler((uint8_t*)&PacketBuffer[2],133);

Sorry for my English.

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What do you need this for?

Yeah, it might be easier to just write new AutoIt code for it.

EndFuncAutoIt is the shiznit. I love it.

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That's making packets which i will send to server to login my character. (I'm writing game "client" in AutoIt but i dont know c++ to translate this part of code.)

Sorry for my English.

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Game client? Thought that was supposed to be a human and guess you are referring to a BOT?

Anyways ... have fun and come back when you have an Autoit3 question, not a "make a script for me because I do not understand the C++ code I found on the internet."

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Nope, not Bot, client.

I just want somebody can explain me functions etc.

Sorry for my English.

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