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Abort WinWaitActive by Button

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hi everybody!

i wrote a little script that copies links from a download-manager window and pastes them into a notepad window.

i used winwaitactive to make the script wait for the dl-manager window to pop up.

my script works fine and copies all my links. to make it more comfortable, i want to use a gui with a start and a stop button.

well, the start button works like it should, but my stop button doesn´t. my script waits for a window to open and so can´t react on my click.

i´m sure there is a solution, but i didn´t find it yet.

hope you can help me.

greetings from germany


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Hi TBX, welcome to the forum. My suggestion- replace WinWaitActive with WinActive. WinWaitActive "Pauses execution of the script until the requested window is active", that's why your Stop button wasn't functioning.

Hi ;)

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