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Trouble with random generation

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while 1

$walk = random(1, 100)



if $walk > 50 Then


elseif $walk < 50 Then




this is a snippet off of my functioning script, $walk IS being assigned a randomly generated number, but the if statement isn't working.. any ideas why this wouldn't work?

the same controlsends work in all other cases with the rest of the script, just not in regards to the random string...

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sorry guys, now it does work, was some sort of bug.. i've been messing with it for like an hour and now after taking a break and no further changes it works..

must be something bugging with controlsend and window focus or something...

again, sorry.

btw ty for the point about the = 50.. even though it works without it i'm sure it would've frozen up or killed the script had it managed to hit 50...

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