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Recipe downloader-WinWaitActive Firefox


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I'm new to AutoIT so have some patience please. I get recipe of the day emails but, downloading the emails is quite tedious so I decided to make a script for it. The problem is that yahoo mail gives me a title like "(331 unread) Yahoo Mail, gregoryrnorris-Mozilla Firefox" which would obviously change the moment a message is read.

What I need is a way to make my script wait for firefox to be active without depending on the full title. (This script will be reused everytime I have a build up of recipe emails so I can't just make it subtract from the unread value.)

Due to my inherant laziness and distinct lack of time and the fact that I'm not sure if responses will be forwarded to me or not I would appreciate an email with any help. (My email can easily be derived from above content and if I put my email out there in any more obvious way I fear spambots.

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Your question put simply:

How do I use Win* functions to match on a partial title?

Your answer put simply:

Check out the AutoIt option: WinTitleMatchMode

Edit: I tried to email new_to_the_internet@yahoo.com but I got a 'message is undeliverable' reply.

Thank You. Both for the answer and for putting my question a bit more simply (I can never think of how to ask such things.)

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That happens to me a lot.

By the way, I have no idea what the 'extension' is for Yahoo email addresses. @yahoo.com or @yahoomail.com or @mail.yahoo.com ....

You can press 'Watch this topic' on the top, and you'll receive email replies based on your account preferences.

Thank You again. The yahoo mail extension is "@yahoo.com" and I was referring before to "gregoryrnorris" from my firefox title.

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