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AutoIt and Programming Geek In Need Of Some Help

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I can't program in any way but saw some AutoIt scripts and thought these could help me out.

So if you guys can get me on the way, i'll lear doing or give it up (hell no ;-) )

I want to build a script that does next:

* Searches a harddrive for files with a certain extension (like all *.123-files)

* Search these files for a string (like abcde)

* Search these same files for a second string (like pqrstuvwxyz)

* Filter in the result between those strings (fghijklmno) for a first string (ghi) and a second string (klm) and showing those 2 new strings in a window.

So my first question is:

Is this possible, and if so how the heck do i do this?


The Geek in programming

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first of all.

its all possible.


search the forums for a Recursive File Find example

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