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Remote login user to run script or run gui application logged out

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Hi everyone!

I've written a AutoIt script that starts a GUI application that shows a login form, the script fills the inputs and logs in. While it's waiting to be logged in it records the time it takes. Once the application is logged in the script outputs the time it took and closes the application.

Fix 1:

I need this script to work on a remote computer and run every 5 min (and I can't have a user logged in all the time). So I want the script to run even though no user is logged in. One of the less fun parts is that the login form GUI is some custom GUI so I can't use ControlSend or even WinWaitActive. Though when the application is logged in it's a regular window so to check that I use WinWaitActive.

Fix 2:

I have a script on a remote computer that starts a RDP connection to the server with the GUI application on it. And I've put my original script (with the timer and all that) as autostart on a specific user that I login with in the RDP session. But the same problem occurs that I have to start the RDP session every 5 min without having a user logged in 24/7. I reckon that this might be simpler to solve since atleast RDP doesn't use custom windows.

Either way both fix 1 and fix 2 would work for me. So if someone knows how I could move on from here, please help me out!

PS. It's a Windows Server 2003. DS.

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Both fixes are hard. It's very difficult in the first place to create any window while no one is logged on, no matter what language you build it in. This is basically a restriction in Windows, and to get around it you need to do a lot of chipping away and modifying in the Windows core. I doubt you want to do that, so that pretty much rules out fix 1.

To work with the window, you need a user logged in somewhere. Either on the machine the GUI is on and start the app directly, or a user on another machine to log in to the user on the other machine.

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