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Problems scripting when Installer has Child windows

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Hi There,

Hoping someone can help me with this. I'm trying to automate a program install, and have run into a bit of a snag. The installer that we use is one of the annoying ones that uses Child Windows inside of a frame. I've tried the following code with no luck; it just seems to stall after the initial Run()

; This script will automate the installation of CorVU
;Created by: Charles Flanders - Systems Analyst
;Created on: Nov 12, 2009
WinWaitActive("Install Options", "In the options List")
ControlClick("Install Options", "In the options List", 106, "left", 1)
WinWaitActive("Select locations for files")
ControlClick("Select locations for files", "", 109, "left", 1)
ControlSend("Select locations for files", "", "Edit1", "\\shanepic4\corvu")
ControlSend("Select locations for files", "", "Edit2", "C:\Corvu51\DATA")
ControlSend("Select locations for files", "", "Edit5", "C:\Corvu51\TABLES")
ControlClick("Select locations for files", "", 106, "left", 1)
WinWaitActive("Install Options", "In the options list")
ControlClick("Install Options", "", 1, "left", 1)
WinWaitActive("Choose Program Manager Group")
ControlClick("Choose Program Manager Group", "", 1, "left", 1)
WinWaitActive("Installation Status")
ControlClick("Installation Status", "", 6, "left", 1)
Run("notepad.exe C:\Windows\Corvu.ini")
WinWaitActive("corvu - Notepad")
Send("{RIGHT 8}")

As far as I can tell I'm doing it right, however AutoIT isn't able to detect the child windows by title, even though the Window Info tool can tell me the title of the window. I was going to use class, but every window in this app (including the parent frame) have the same class that I can tell.

Any thoughts on how I may be able to get this to process?

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I ended up fixing this by redoing the script using ScriptWriter and just tabbing around to the proper locations.

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