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Boggle Solver

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This is a boggle solver that I intially wrote in autoit, but it was very slow. The downloads include both C++ and Autoit versions os the solver. The UIs are written entirely in AutoIt

I made 2 AutoIt GUIs for the solver

-Boggle Solver GUI

This program is a simple GUI for the Boggle Solver

-Word Twist Cheat

This program is designed for solving the online boggle game "Word Twist"

It has a Hotkey-Based UI

F6 for inputting the board

F7 for typing all words found (each word followed by a return)

F8 for quitting

The core BoggleSolver.exe program can be interfaced with as follows...

-Input the 4x4 or 5x5 board into board.txt (all caps, non alphabetic characters are ignored)

-Run BoggleSolver.exe from the command line to see the results

-Run ToFile.bat to directly save the resulting list of words to "words.txt"

Any comments/bugs/feature requests are welcome!

Contents of the files:

-Boggle Solver Binaries

:Boggle Solver GUI.exe (the simple GUI solver)

:WordTwist Cheat.ext (the hotkey based interface)

:BoggleSolver.exe (the core Program that solves the puzzles)

:ToFile.bat (a simple batch script to save the words list to a file)

:board.txt (an example board)

-Boggle Solver SRC

:Boggle Solver GUI.au3 (The Source for the simple GUI solver)

:B.ico (the icon for the Boggle Solver GUI)

:WordTwist Cheat.au3 (the source for the hotkey based interface)

:W.ico (the icon for the hotkey interface)

:bogge solver.au3 (the original boggle solver written in AutoIt)

:main.cpp (Source file for C++ solver : where the solving is done)

:dict.h (Source file for C++ solver : stores the word list)

:BoggleSolver.dev (DevC++ project file for C++ solver)

:dict.txt (the text file version of the dictionary)

:dict-to-inc.pl (the script for turning dict.txt into dict.h)

:ToFile.bat (a simple batch script to save the words list to a file)

:board.txt (an example board)

Files: (they are too big to upload here, so they are hosted from my website)

Boggle Solver Binaries (1.12 MB)

Boggle Solver SRC (827 KB)

Edited by NerdFencer

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