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Displaying The Entire Content Of An Array...

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Hey (again) :whistle:

$NickLength=Random (1,12)
Dim $NameArray [$NickLength]
;Nick loop
For $nickLoop=0 to $NickLength-1
   $myAsciiRandNickChar=Int (Random (20,126))
   $NameArray [$nickLoop] = Chr($myAsciiRandNickChar)
;How to displaye a MsgBox with the antire content of the $NameArray array?

10x (again) B)

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MsgBox(0,"", DisplayArray($NameArray, ","))

Func DisplayArray(ByRef $array, $pad)
  Local $text
  $text = ""
  If not IsArray($array) Then
    return $text
  Local $i
  For $i = 0 to UBound($array) - 1
    $text = $text & $array[$i] & $pad
  If StringLen($pad) > 0 Then
    $text = StringTrimRight($text, StringLen($pad))
  return $text
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10x Grahams,

It's kind of complicate, though.  :whistle:

I thought there is a way to display the content by using something like that:

Msgbox (0,"",$Myarray)

Yep it is kinda complicated, but its written as a UDF so that that you can just cut and paste it wherever you need it B)

And sorry, don't know of any short circuit :angry:


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