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Proxy support, only Ftp and HttpSetProxy?

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Hey guys, let's say I have an edit box. Every proxy inserted will be run through FptSetProxy. Is that the most accurate way of actually using the proxies? Or is Http better.. I don't think that's entirely accurate because not all the proxies will be Ftp or Http. Is there a way to test them all first, and remove the one's that don't work? If I had to use a Listview, that'd be ok. So in short, what's the best method to use proxies? I thought about TPCConnect, I think it could work for proxies, but it's in the form (adress,port) , I wouldn't know how to split the proxies inside the edit box into adress and port.

ALSO : Could you test proxies with the function 'ping'? If it = 1,2,3,4 Then it fails in connecting and other errors.


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