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Word PasteSpecial method

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Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a script that copies content from one word file to the other. I am however only interested in the unformatted text, headers and different text layout is not good if this gets copied as well.

I know that there exists such a function, namely: PasteSpecial. Also the PasteAndFormat method looks promising. But after several attempts I am unable to properly do this.

This is a bit of the (working) code at the moment, it uses the regular paste method instead.

_WordDocClose($OSOURWORDDOC, 0)

So far I have tried the following variants of the pastespecial without succes

$ODESTWORDAPP.Selection.PasteSpecial.DataType = 2 (wouldn't compile)

Please note that the corresponding wdPasteText and wdFormatPlainText are 2 and 22 respectivly.

I have the feeling I am pretty close here, but can't seem to nail it down.

Thanks in advance. Any help is welcome.



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Try this one:


Also did you try if it works if you do the same manually?

Sometimes the paste special function in Word/Excel stops working.

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hi Juvigy,

Thanks for the reply! The code you suggested does work, but does nothing special, it is just like a regular paste now. I however have found out that headers are only copied if the source document has more than one section. Doing a simple find & replace removes all the sections. When it is then copied no header and footer information isn't copied with anymore. This more than sufficient for me.

_WordDocFindReplace($OSOURWORDDOC, "^b", "")


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