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Error using ImageSearch

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Hi guys, first post here. Sorry for being a newbie but I have tried everything. I just downloaded the ImageSearch library and place it in the proper directory. Now, there was this demo which I tried but unfortunately I got this error:

Line -1:

Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable

I thought it must have been some coding error. I stripped it down to the bare essentials - leaving me with this very simple code:

#include <ImageSearch.au3>

$result = _ImageSearch("xyz.gif",1,$x1,$y1,0)
if $result = 1 then
   msgbox(0,"Result","Not Found!")

And the error still persists. I tried searching for the answer but sadly, I can't seem to find them. Am I missing anything? Thanks a lot.

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Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Do you have the ImageSearchDLL.dll in the same directory as the AU3?



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