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MSN personal message/name

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I have searched and didn't really find what I needed.

So, I want to know how I can change my personal message on MSN while it's in the tray.

This is the way I change it right now:

While 1
    $WGT2 = WinGetTitle("", "")
    $Msg = TrayGetMsg()
    If $Msg = $Exititem Then
    if $WGT<>$WGT2 Then
        $WGT = WinGetTitle("", "")

Func Esc()
$WGT = WinGetTitle("", "")
MouseClick("primary", 1151, 1010, 2, 0)
ControlFocus($WLM, "", "")
ControlClick($WLM, "", "", "left", "1", "109", "49")
ControlFocus($WLM, "", "")
Send($WGT & "{Enter}")
This will be pressed whole time and interupt what I am doing...

[Edit] note: I got Messenger Plus!

I don't really need it to spam what window that is active whole time. I just want to know how to change while it's in tray :)


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