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Lil-Kid locker outer

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Seeing as your only new, and people don't yet trust you (no offense), I suggest you post your code or an attachment to your code instead of an exe which you can't decompile which could possibly contain anything especially something other that an AutoIt script...

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i don't post much, but i read the topics a lot. i wouldn't call mysel 'new' but i'll post the code anyway

GUIcreate("Locker-Outer", @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight)
GUICtrlCreateLabel("Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to unlock", 0, 0)

While 1
$msg = GUIGetMsg()

If WinExists("Windows Task Manager") Then
Winkill("Windows Task Manager")
Exit 0 
    If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then ExitLoop
it's very simple, but good enuff to keep my brother from screwing w/ my computer

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