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Same port within Two exe's

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Hi All,

Good Evening !!!

I need an urgent help, I am developing a client server application where all the client will connect to a server program made by autoit.Now the looping process is slow ,due to the number of clients are connected to the server.So i made an alternate exe which will connect and store all the incoming connections fast.In the sametime the second exe file will process the information which is being stored by the first exe file.

But the problem is , i am not able to run the second exe file with the same port . it's returning -1 value.

Can it possible to run both the exe files with the same port. ??


Ajomon Sebastian

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That's not possible. Your idea to use two executables will not work because the connection can't be shared between processes.

What is possible, however, is send the request from the client to another process and get output from that process and send it back to the client. This will give you one server who is handling all the connections, and one or more processes that are handling client process request.

If you are unsure how to run another process to do some work, have a look at this thread where I asynchronously run a few ping commands: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=104334&view=findpost&p=740697

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