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Thank you, you all AutoIt developpers!

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Good evening,

This small email to thank very much all the AutoIt developpers for their nice job. Especially Jon, Larry, JdeB, Vali and Jpm (I don't know for others if any but greetings to all of you too).

I was reading your help file (I am a newbie in AutoIt and I felt under the charm of it) and I saw the sentence of Larry "...the efforts and hours will never truly be appreciated. I am only fueled by pride in this endeavor".

I know we cannot do much to help you about that Larry but just to send you some messages to tell you how much you appreciate your work (a lot better than VBS and so many other tools (including tons of so call "professional" tools with huge license fees) I tried since some weeks and that saved my ar..<beep>).

Your job is well done, wonderfully documented and the whole set is refined (trully a piece of work "bien léché" as we would say in French [colloquial]).

I wish you will stay at work on this forever (well as much as you can) because we really need you.

Thank you all and keep going.


PS: I would like to contribute but I don't want to use PayPal for ethical reasons. If there is a normal ("snail mail") address I can send you a letter w/ a bank note I'll do it w/ pleasure. Preferably in Europe because I'm living in Belgium but I did it with New Zealand (the Antipodes really for me) and it worked well to.) You can contact me on my personal email address in my profile.

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Yea, I wish all languages had such useful help files and support forums. I have to say this is the most user friendly language, so easy anyone could learn it.

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