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How To Do Task According To Email

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I would like to do a few task's, particularly trade on a MT4 platform, according to instructions send to my machine, via gmail or any other online email account.

What I would like to find out is:

1. When a new email comes in, check the header.

2. If the header is a certain heading, then open the email.

3. The load the contents of the email to AutoIt for processing

The rest I can do myself (I hope)

Any advice would be appreciated



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You can check for new mail like this:

$oOApp = ObjCreate("Outlook.Application")


Func oOApp_NewMail()

You can load the subject and the body using the outlook .subject and .body properties.

For reference check out the outlook object model on the MSDN .There are a lot of mail

examples on the forum too.


Just saw that you want to use gmail - then it is completely different scenario - will have to use the IE.udf

The examples above rely on the outlook object model

Here is a sending example showing the use of the .subject and .body properties.

Local $olMailItem = 0
    Local $olFormatRichText = 3
    Local $olImportanceLow = 0
    Local $olImportanceNormal = 1
    Local $olImportanceHigh = 2
    Local $olByValue = 1
    Local $olFormatHTML = 1
    $oOApp = ObjCreate("Outlook.Application")
    $oOMail = $oOApp.CreateItem ($olMailItem)
    With $oOMail
        .To = ("mail account")
        .Subject = "some subject"
        .BodyFormat = $olFormatHTML
        .Importance = $olImportanceNormal
        .HTMLBody = "some body"
        ;.attachments.add ($FileName3)
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