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Reading a parameter from another autoit

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I have two scripts over here: one is main.au3 and the other is action.au3

The main.exe (compiled) is to be running in the background and the action.exe will be executed by main.exe whenever the user choose an action that requires admin rights (there will be a #RequireAdmin in action.exe)

Why: So that main.exe can be run by all users and when the user needed some "actions", they will have to enter admin passwords, Instead of needed to enter password when main.exe is run.

So there will be several "actions" written in action.exe and only one will be executed.

So, I think I will use parameters:

ShellExecute("action.exe", 1)

(with one as the parameter)

The action.exe will then GET the parameter, which in this case is 1, and run action 1.

If the parameter is 2, then it will run action 2 and so on.

So my question is HOW I CAN MAKE action.exe READ THE PARAMETER?

Or, is my idea possible to work? If not, why?

Please help me!! :)

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Look for $cmdline in the help file. The topic is "Running scripts". I think you will find everything you need there.

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