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Valid TCP Packet

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alright im working on a chat bot for our server and well i can read packets edit etc but i have been unable to create a valid on.

ive used the tcpconnect / send it sends from the wrong port so its dropped and im currently using the Winpcap.au3 udf

and i cant get the structure right.

if anyone has an example of one or has a working one and could share on how i would hug u ive been tried for weeks but i cant get it to work D:

Details :

has to come from me to a specific port from a specific port from me ( is randomly renewed every 10 minutes ) is a tcp packet and can be random length.

heres my attempt which fails >.< if u can see why please tell me.

Dim $destmac = "00146ca8f464" ; Chat server mac
    Dim $sourcemac = _GetMac() ;my mac
    Dim $type = "0x0800" : IP / TCP packet
    Dim $version = "4500"
    Dim $totallenght = "100" ; il generate the length when it works
    Dim $fragment = "0100" ; do not fragment
    Dim $ttl = "128" ; time to live
    Dim $protocal = "6" 
    Dim $soruceip = "192168021" ; my lan ip
    Dim $destip = "1743624234" ; server ip
    Dim $sport = "2195" ;port is randomly generated
    Dim $dprot = "10008" ;static port for the chat serer
    Dim $mydata = '<m t="packet test XD" u="127287186_61" />.' ;packet data (<m) = message (t=) = text (u=) user id (/<.) = end
    Dim $mypacket = "0x" & $destmac & $sourcemac & $type & $version & $totallenght & $fragment & $ttl & $protocal & $soruceip & $destip & $sport & $dprot & $mydata ; stick together to a binary string
    If _PcapSendPacket($pcap, $mypacket) <> 1 Then ;use the udf to send with winpcap
        _ConsoleWrite("Failed Packet") ;if it failed say so
        _ConsoleWrite("Sent Packet with data of : " & $mypacket & " On Pcap : " & $pcap) ;if not say so

Thanks Kris

Edited by Targus

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