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Urgent help in my Chat Program.

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Hi All ,

Need an urgent help in my TCP IP chat program. I am developing a client server messaging application.In my application all the clients are connected to the server and the server will always monitor the data's from the clients.Initially when i restart the server i am getting some data's from clients and the server is able to process it. But after sometime the server application is getting data's from clients but its not coming in RecvData() function even though when they establish a new connection to the server .But its adding the socket details correctly.Below i have attached the core code also .

I want to make my server application is like, the server application will always monitor and process data's from the clients.

Here the function adduser is used to add a new user , its processing fine.

I have tested it by using Traytip.

Please help !!!

Core Code of My Application.

While 1

$Tray_Message = TrayGetMsg()

Switch $Tray_Message

Case $Tray_Menu_Shutdown


Case $Tray_Menu_Restart




$New_Socket = TCPAccept($MainSocket)

If $New_Socket = -1 Then ContinueLoop



Func _RecvData()

Local $S_Time = ""

$Message = ""

$Incoming_Data = ""

For $x = 1 To $MaxUsers

If Not $User_List[$x][0] Then ContinueLoop

$Recv = TCPRecv($User_List[$x][0], 4096)

;If $Recv = "" Then ContinueLoop

;If @error Then _DelSocket($User_List[$x][0])

;$Recv = _StringDecryptRC4($Recv, $User_List[$x][2])




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