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Establish a VPN connection

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Im looking for ways to connect to a vpn server with pptp...i see that rasdial allows you to connect to EXISTING entries, but im looking for a way (if possible) to connect right off the bat, say rasdial.exe /server:ASDASDASD /username /password..

is there anyway to hardcode the connection entries, so you can establish a connection directly without the need of creating a new entry in network connections, like rasdial requires

the problem is that rasdial REQUIRES an EXISTING entry...so i cant just do rasdial.exe server username password, it needs to have an installed VPN or dialup entry in network connections...i dont know why they did it like this, im looking for a "background" way to achieve the most silent vpn connection as possible

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You can use Rasphone to create a Phonebook file with settings without a new entry in network connections.

Rasphone -? will help


;create a test.ini with VPN Settings

rasphone -f test.ini -a

;open the test.ini file with the name Test. For more settings like TCP/IP ...

rasphone -f test.ini -e test

With Rasdial you can use the phonebook file.


rasdail test USERNAME PASSWORD /Phonebook:test.ini

Hope this help you.

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