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Problems with Callback formats ?

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Hi folks,

I'm trying to create a working callback for the latest WIMGAPI. The C style definition looks like this:

DWORD WINAPI SampleCallback(
   IN      DWORD msgId,    //message ID
   IN      WPARAM param1,   //usually file name
   INOUT   LPARAM param2,   //usually error code
   IN      void  *unused

I've been trying to use calback definitions like: $handle = DLLCallbackRegister("_DefaultCallBack", "ptr", "dword;wparam;lparam;ptr") or $handle = DLLCallbackRegister("_DefaultCallBack", "dword", "dword;uint;uint;ptr"), but the result has been (and still is) some memory corruption and due to that, program crashing. Funny thing is that capturing a WIM image seems to be working fine (?? I'm able to apply the resulting image successfully with the standard imagex.exe), but applying a created image (with Autoit script and callbacks) fails.

If I remove these callbacks completely, the program under work seems to be working, but I loose all the file skipping possibilities and progress information.

So please tell me what would be the correctly formatted DLLCallbackRegister command ? Or some other ideas to consider (except giving up .. :))

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I'm sorry, I didn't see any "edit" buttons to add some more poblem places.. Am I blind or what ;)

So, could it be that this is wrong? :)

Func _WIM_RegisterMessageCallback($hCreateFile, $WIM_MessageProc)
    Local $register

    $register = DllCall($ghWimgapi, "int", "WIMRegisterMessageCallback", "ptr", $hCreateFile, "ptr", $WIM_MessageProc, "long_ptr", 0)
    If $register[0]=$invalid_callback_value Then
        msgbox(0, "WIMRegisterMessageCallback error", _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage())

    Return $register[0]


The C style definition looks like this:

DWORD WINAPI WIMRegisterMessageCallback(
    HANDLE   hWim
    FARPROC  fpMessageProc,
    PVOID    pvUserData
Edited by asathatsme

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