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Help With Hangman Array

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Look at these two functions

Func _setletters()
    Global $random = Random(1, 25)
;Global $string = FileReadLine("wordlist.txt", $random); using the 3rd word(seattle) for testing
    Global $string = "seattle"
    Global $stringsplit = StringSplit($string, "")
    Global $labels[20]
    Global $c
    For $c = 1 To $stringsplit[0]
        $labels[$c] = GUICtrlCreateLabel("_", $c * 10, 290, 10, 20)
    Return $stringsplit[0]
EndFunc  ;==>_setletters

Func _connectlabels()
    Global $connectlabels
    Global $read_Labels[20]
    For $c = 1 To $stringsplit[0]
        $read_Labels[$c] = GUICtrlRead($labels[$c])
        $connectlabels = $read_Labels[1]&$read_Labels[2]&$read_Labels[3]&$read_Labels[4]&$read_Labels[5]_
    MsgBox(0,"You Win",$connectlabels)

The problem is with $connectlabels. The word only has 7 letters so the $Labels[$c] array makes 7 lables and the $read_Labels[$c] array reads 7 labels. The problem is that I want $connectlabels to = an every changing amount of arrays connected. $connectlabels will be a string used to check against the word in the file.


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