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TIP: Windows 7 task bar

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I've been using Linux and OS X for a long time, and only this year went back to using Windows on my home machine. I discovered Autoit, and I'm very excited about it.

Here's a tip for those using Windows 7: drag AutoIt to the taskbar, and pin it there. If you have any useful scripts that you want easy access to, then you can drag it over the Autoit taskbar item, and pin them there. By clicking the RMB (Right Mouse Button) on Autoit from the taskbar, you then have quick and convenient access to your favourite autoit scripts.

I've got my Eject CD script there, for example. I have an iMac, so it was a little cumbersome to eject CDs. Not any more, though.

AutoIt is a great little proggie. Thanks guys!

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