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Hints needed: remove "everyone" from shares, repace with "authenticated users"

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Hi all,

I need some hints.

To protect my users from themselves, I need to check systems for any shares with "everyone" having permissions, and replace the "everyone" permission with "authenticated users". If "everyone" isn't part of the share permissions I can leave it be.

So the hint I need is how to check shares to determine the accounts applied to them, either remotely or local? I can puzzle out the rest using psexec or whatever (at least, I will try to puzzle it out.) I have a service account that is an admin on all machines which can be used to run such tasks.

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I never tried but you asked for a hint:



edit: Ah sorry it will not work

Edited by dara

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I made this from the help file.

It shows:

Entries read ............: 14

\\MYPC\g has Everyone

\\MYPC\J has Everyone

\\MYPC\shared has Everyone

You can use the same tool to remove permissions with /REMOVE but I ve not implemented on my test.

bonus, you can run that tool remotely, just replace @computername

;you will need to download MS tools RMTSHARE.exe in the same folder as where the script is run

#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>
#include <NetShare.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <Constants.au3>

Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)

Global $iMemo

Func checkEveryOne($sharename)
;return 0 if "Everyone" not found on the share
;otherwise return >0

Local $line=""
Local $result = Run("RMTSHARE.EXE " & $sharename, @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD)

    While 1
        $line = $line & StdoutRead($result)     
        If @error Then ExitLoop
     return stringinstr($line,"Everyone")


Func _Main()
    Local $hGUI, $iI, $aInfo
    Local Const $sShareName = "AutoIt Share"
    local $currentShare=""

    ; Create GUI
    $hGUI = GUICreate("NetShare", 400, 300)

    ; Create memo control
    $iMemo = GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 2, 2, 396, 296, $WS_VSCROLL)
    GUICtrlSetFont($iMemo, 9, 400, 0, "Courier New")

    ; Show information about all local shares
    $aInfo = _Net_Share_ShareEnum (@ComputerName)
    MemoWrite("Entries read ............: " & $aInfo[0][0])
    For $iI = 1 To $aInfo[0][0]     
        $currentShare="\\" & @ComputerName &"\"& $aInfo[$iI][0]     
        if checkEveryOne($currentShare)>0 then MemoWrite($currentShare & " has Everyone")       

    Until GUIGetMsg() = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
EndFunc   ;==>_Main

; Write message to memo
Func MemoWrite($sMessage = "")
    GUICtrlSetData($iMemo, $sMessage & @CRLF, 1)
EndFunc   ;==>MemoWrite

forgot to add, when you download the tool RMTSHAR.EXE, double click on it one tme and it will decompress RMTSHARE.EXE in the same folder. This is the tool called by the script

Edited by dara

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Thanks for the hints.

I had to put this aside for now, got some other stuff going, but I will try soon.

Can't seem to download that .exe from the FTP link here at work, I will google for it though.

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