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HotKeys on a full screen win7??

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Hello! I've used Autoit on and off for a while and feel comfortable with it, but lately I switched systems to win7, now im noticing several things have issues with full screen games (For example, vent hotkey wouldn't work until I ran it as admin (And it had an extra direct x key detection or something... hell i don'tremember now)

Well needless to say, Autoits SetHotkeys don't work either, I compiled the script and ran it as admin, still, nothing.

does anyone have any suggestions / workarounds to it?

tl;dr Need a way to execute a function everytime a button is set SetHotKey don't work

Edit: And Yes, it works on things NOT full screen, just not the full screen stuff.

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My iTunes Hotkeys script works fine on Win7 when in a fullscreen game. You should only have to run the script as admin if the game in question runs as admin. It is a security feature that prevents lower level processes from hooking into higher level processes (aka hotkeys) What game are you having a problem with? Did you try any other games? Also post the script so we can take a look at it.

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