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stupid issue with a runwait

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$7za = "c:\HP_UPD_PS\7za.exe e c:\HP_UPD_PS.zip HP_UPD_PS\ -y"

MsgBox (0, "Installing Printers", "The Printers are now being installed to this pc, this process will take about 2 minutes.",10)  ;Just a message box
DirCreate ("c:\HP_UPD_PS")  ;Create empty directory to hold print drivers when unzipped
FileInstall("C:\Pmig\printer\printmig.exe","c:\",1)   ;Extracting from executable print migrator to root of C:\
FileInstall("C:\Pmig\printer\5C_WYSE_PS.cab","c:\",1)  ;Extracting from executable printer cab settings to root of C:\
FileInstall("C:\Pmig\printer\HP_UPD_PS.zip","c:\",1)   ;Extracting from executable HP Universal Print Driver Post Script (No version) to root of C:\
FileInstall("C:\Pmig\printer\7za.exe","c:\HP_UPD_PS\",1)  ;Extracting from executable 7 zip executable to unzip print driver


I am trying to get this part of my script to extract a zip to a folder that i have already created. The script appears to run (been running it as a CUI compiled script), it looks like it extracts but the files dont get extracted to the folder.

The command runs fine if executed manually, both from a run box and a command prompt.

Any ideas?

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Have you tried something like this?

$7za = "c:\HP_UPD_PS\7za.exe e c:\HP_UPD_PS.zip HP_UPD_PS\ -y"
RunWait(@ComSpec & " /k " & $7za)

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