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Error Passing Arguments to Compiled Script

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I've searched these forums and read the help article: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/intro/running.htm#CommandLine and I can't find a clear answer to this.

Why do I receive the error "Line -1: Error: Incorrect number of parameters in function call" when I pass two parameters to a script in the the command line: "compiledscript.exe Test1 Test33"?


$sParam1 = $CmdLine[1]

$sParam2 = $CmdLine[2]

MsgBox($sParam1 & " " & $sParam2)

Do I have to call $CmdLine from a function? Can I not pass parameters to variables within my script? I am clearly passing two arguments to a script that is expecting two arguments.

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your msgbox() is missing parameters.

Its easier to debug these type of issues when you use the Full SciTE4AutoIt3 package which would run au3check and report these type of problems.


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