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Do you like playing Skat (the German card game, not the US version) ?

i found a very strong engine written for Linux and ported it to AutoIt. it runs in an X Windows environment. it has lots of features and variants and i think it's the strongest freeware engine you can find.

my script is a setup. it will download the necessary components (they are all free, of course) and install them interactively. it will create shortcuts and links to the rules (if you need them). it comes with a clean deinstallation routine.

it is possible to play multiplayer games via LAN or telnet, but i did not yet succeed in making the multiplayer work. i don't have enough experience in X Windows / X11 Server and telnet. maybe anyone who knows is able to finish it.

unzip the script (the file name must not be changed) and run it. it's .au3, not .exe

language: english and german game, options, help and rules.

have fun


    ;#  Title .........: X-Skat Setup.au3
    ;#  Description ...: A Skat (German card game) implementation.
    ;#                   Full Setup installation, download, deinstallation implemnted.
    ;#  Date ..........: 4.12.09
    ;#  Version .......: 0.9
    ;#  AutoIt Version : Written in - no includes - everworking
    ;#                   Tested with
    ;#  Requirements ..: Win XP / Vista 32bit, Internet connection
    ;#  Author ........: jennico (jennicoattminusonlinedotde)
    ;#                   ©  2009 by jennico
    ;#  References ....: xskat engine & cygwin taken from: http://www.xskat.de
    ;#                   v 4.0  ©  2004 by Gunter Gerhard
    ;#                   X11 Server / X Windows taken from: http://www.mochasoft.dk
    ;#                   v 2.0  ©  2006 by MochaSoft Aps
    ;#  Screenshots ...: http://xskat.akohl.net/xskatw.gif
    ;#                   http://www.xskat.de/xskat-de-960x600.gif
    ;#  Remarks .......: need help with multiplayer / X11 / X Windows implementation !

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Posted Image


Edited by jennico


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