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Hey guys i wrote this little app for myself

so when i am making ppl website i can give them a preview of all the templates i have

not sure if anyone else would use this but hey i made it and am willing to share

***Feature to come***

1 . busy adding the option to change the path for the templates so that you can define it to what you want(at the moment you can either change code to point to your folder or you can just make a templates folder under the C:\ drive (ADDED SUCCEFULLY)

2. simple setup to run when script is run for the first time (ADDED SUCCESFULLY)

3. ability to double click item in listbox and have it display (help needed)

also open to suggestion and stuff

let me know what you think

Thanks guys

ps very simple script but a good one considering it's my first stab at autoit

Html Previewer.au3

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Very cool. :)

Molenoid Fan Girl! And fully fledged nerd-bird! And soon to be Cosplayer~

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