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How can I run a file with a parameter between 2 quotes like:

Run("file.exe "" & $CmdLine[1] & """)

I thougt something like in php like "\"" but I tried them all and it didn't work... :)

Thanks in advance


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From the manual:

Strings are enclosed in double-quotes like "this".  If you want a string actually contain a double-quote use it twice like:

    "here is a ""double-quote"" - ok?"

You can also use single-quotes like 'this' and 'here is a ' 'single-quote' ' - ok?'

You can mix quote types to make for easier working and to avoid having to double-up your quotes to get what you want.  For example if you want to use a lot of double-quotes in your strings then you should use single-quotes for declaring them:

    'This "sentence" contains "lots" of "double-quotes" does it not?'

is much simpler than:

    "This ""sentence"" contains ""lots"" of ""double-quotes"" does it not?"

Which means for you, go something like:

Run('file.exe "' & $CmdLine[1] & '"')
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