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Help Executing Script while Logged Out

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By now I know that I can't execute a script that controls user interface while all sessions are logged out.

I have a script that is executed by scheduler.... so it will execute regardless if someone is logged in.

Part of the script executes a program and controls the UI..... so if that part is needed, the console needs to be logged in.

Because of the environment of the server, sometimes it is (logged in).... sometimes it isnt.

I wondered if a work around was to have my script look at the logged in user, at first, and if one did not exist, send me an eMail.

I could then log in, and the script would complete.

This does not work that way. When I log in.... the script does recognize the log in event.... but it continues to operate in the background.

Since it continues to operate in the background, the UI is not functional.

...so, the script fails. (It fails because I have a WinWaitActive timeout set).

If I stay logged in... the next time it runs... it runs perfectly.

So.... any ideas on how to take control of the running script when I log in?

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