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Changing Tabs on a Windows App. Via Script

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hi all

im a little stuck on a script im working on.

i would like to change to a different tab on a windows app, but i cant seem to get it.

here is what ive tried.

ControlClick("APP NAME", "TAB NAME", "[CLASS:TTabSheet; INSTANCE:1]")


ControlClick("APP NAME", "TAB NAME", "[CLASS:TPageControl; INSTANCE:1]")

none of which worked.

this tab is not on my autoit GUI. this is on the WINDOWS APP GUI.

could anybody help me out?

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You shouldn't bump your own post in less than 24 hour time, the mods don't like it.

1 question have you used the autoit window info tool to get the class and instance name?

it looks like you probably did.

the very few programs I have here on my work pc that use tabs, all the tabs have the same class and instance name, which may be your case also (which is why it may not be working)

If this is the case, you may need to do just a regular


or controlsend("name of window","","ID of the window","{TAB x}{LEFT n}{ENTER}")

(where x= the number of times you need to use the tab key to have the tabs selected. n= the number of times to hit the left arrow to get to the desired tab)



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