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How to recieve external WM_messages

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Hi all,

I hope I post in the right place...

This is my project :

I need to create an application who recieve externals WM_messages:

I have a software (Bome's Midi Translator Pro) that allows me to send WM_messages.

Bome's Midi Translator used to send anything other than MIDI messages from a MIDI device.

This is the window for WM_messages configuration:

Posted Image

I need some help to start my work.

How to recieve the messages from Bome's MIDI translator in an AutoIt application and how to complete the WM_messages window in Bome's...

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Look at RegisterWindowMessage API function


Here is small description of using it (Handle custom window messages in your VB6 applications)


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