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troubles updating listviewitem

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Hi there,

so I'm working at the moment at a graphical interface to change values in my ini-file.

So far everything is fine and I think I progged sometimes a bit sloppy, but everything is working nevertheless.

Now I got troubles changing an already created listviewitem. I have several columns and want to change the value in column number 4 in the line I right-click, there comes up an context menu with two options and in case which option I choose, the column should be updated (and in the background the value in the ini-file).

I understand that I have to update the line with GuiCtrlSetData, but I'm a bit confused how to do it for the right line. I worked it out so far that the value was correctly changed but in the last line of all the listviewitems. How can I specify that the value has to be changed in the line I right-clicked?

In the Ini-file the value is changed correctly for the exact $context_id (= all listviewitems are numbered)

This is the code I made for clicking the option 1 in my context menu:

Case $msg = $context_activate
    $context_id = StringLeft(GUICtrlRead(GUICtrlRead($overview)), 2)
    $context_status = IniRead("test.ini", $context_id, "Status", "")
    If $context_status = "aktiv" Then
        MsgBox("", "", "already active")
    ElseIf $context_status = "inaktiv" Then
        Iniwrite("test.ini", $context_id, "Status", "aktiv")
        GuiCtrlSetData($count_array, "|||aktiv")
        MsgBox("", "", "Activated")
        MsgBox("", "", "Failed reading status.")

And to be more clear:

$count_array = IniReadSectionNames("test.ini")

I really hope you can help me with this... thanks in advance.

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I found another way to solve my issue... thanks nevertheless.

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