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Hi, i create this project just for improving my AutoIt skill and fun. This is specially build for WinXP but works on WinVista and Win7.

AeroTrans-X3 0.1

If you've problems using this application, you can reset the settings by running

"AeroTrans-X3.exe -reset" or "AeroTrans-X3.exe -refresh".

Sometimes the start menu auto-reset the current transparency, which mean that it

doesn't transparent anymore. All you've to do is run "AeroTrans-X3.exe -silent".

Command Line Parameters

This application includes several command-line parameters:

-t[0-255] = set your taskbar transparency (0 for full transparent and 255 for solid)

-s[0-255] = set your start menu transparency (0 for full transparent and 255 for solid)

example = "AeroTrans-X3.exe -t180 -s200"

-reset = reset current settings

-refresh = close explorer.exe and run again.

example = "AeroTrans-X3.exe -reset -refresh"

-silent = used to run automatically with windows (start-up)

example = "AeroTrans-X3.exe -silent"


*You can combine these parameters any way you wants

*You can used -t and -s for start-up parameters (-silent is recommended)

*In the main dialog, you can press CTRL+ALT+X to fresh it (same function with -refresh)

*You've to compile to used the command line parameters

*Start menu is disabled in Windows Vista and Windows 7


AeroTrans-X3.zip (Source + Exe)

[size="2"][font="Lucida Sans Unicode"][b][/b][/font][/size]

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Cool. The only thing that I see is that when you mouse over "All Programs" in the start menu, that menu is still opaque. Taskbar works great.

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Good Work, Can u do one thing also ? when u move mouse on taskbar it will get solid(255) , when u hover off taskbar , taskbar will return to its transparency state. thx again.

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