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Attached is version 1.0 of my SysSend utility, a Unix Syslog message sending utility, with accompanying DLL.

This utility works as both a GUI and invoked from the command line, and is built to be both functional and an example of how to include some of my routines so that your own programs can send Unix Syslog messages.

Note: This sends messages to Unix/Linux/BSD style Syslog Daemons, not the Windows Application Event Log. If you don't know why you need this, you probably don't. :)


Please also see my question about Windows Application Event logging via AU3Xtra.dll (I thought I'd mention it in case my question got lost in the shuffle).

(I'm also still very much interested in UDP availability in Au3Xtra.dll - so that a UDP Unix Syslog Daemon could be created using AutoIt3.)


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Looks nice...

I tried to run it under Vista and um... i get plenty of errors. I fixed/rigged a few but i kinda gave up. Is there a newer version? It shure looks promising and i would be a happy user of a UDF *hint* :-). Any chance?

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