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Displaying dialog in multiple languages

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In the previous versions of AutoIt, it was possible to store double-byte character languages like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean in a UTF8 format ini file. Then by simply accessing the various fields in the ini file, configuring the script dialogue for different languages.

In this latest version, how can something like this be implemented? I do not understand the changes that have been made, nor why they were made.

I used to save dialog for multiple languages in ini files in UTF8 format like so:


$title = "Sophos Security Suite Install"


$title = "Instalación del Paquete de Seguridad Sophos"


$title = "Sophos Security Suite 설치"


$title = "安裝 Sophos Security Suite"


$title = "Sophos Security Suite インストール"

Then I'd determine the language an OS is displaying in, and set the variables to the appropriate language.


$lang = "Japanese"

$title = Translate("$title")

Func Translate($txt)

Return IniRead(@TempDir & "\Sophoslang.ini", $lang, $txt, IniRead(@TempDir & "\Sophoslang.ini", "English", $txt, $txt))

EndFunc ;==>Translate

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get something similar to work in this latest version of AutoIt?

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