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Hi, I'm getting back into some AutoIt projects and have a few questions that are probably easy to answer.

1) Running a au3 script file.

I installed the latest ver of AutoIt then changed the association of the .au3 extention to launch Notepad++ ( http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/ ) to edit them. Notepad++ has a command line 'Run' button and I would also like to add a 'Run w/AutoIt' to my right click menu, but I can't seem to get the syntax correct.

2) Has anyone developed a tool for making the GUI a bit easier to create?

I recall Cyberslug had one before 3.1.1, I'm just wondering if he, or anyone has improved on that.

3) I have multiple text files (500) that are all the same format...

Some header text
More hearder text

0  0
1  2
2  2
3  4
4  5
6  8
(about 700 rows of 2 column data, up to 4 digits in length, 0 to 9999 to 0)

What would be the best way to open each file, pluck out the highest value data point in each column and then write it to either a GUI or notepad? I know how to do some of that, where I'm lost is how to scan for, and get just the values I want.



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2. CyberSlug is working on it but he hasn't finished the next version yet

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