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Skipping Mouseclick: what could be the cause of it..?

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Hi Guys,..i have a problem with skipping MousClick. I am compiling a script to be run as a bot. Attached is what I have came up with, its quite lengthy but straight forward. In general, the script works as follow:

- PixelChecksum

- Run a series of MouseClick

- IF PixelChecksum..Then


Run s series of MouseClick - 01

Run another series of MouseClick - 02

- Back to step number two but with different coordinate

The problem kicks in when it gets to do the MouseClick after the Else condition, rather than clicking the specified coordinates, it only does half the job, and clicking the rest of the coordinates on the next run, so after Else condition, I ended up having 4 sessions of MouseClick (Half of the MouseClick -01, the other half, half of MouseClick – 02, and the other half). But strangely enough, if I test them by them selves (as independent scripts), they work okay..? And also, I am using the same sleep(100) in between the MouseClick, but the problem only happen on the series MouseClick after the Else condition…

Any idea why is this happening guys? Thanks.


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